What Should You Do If Your Spouse Is Hiding Financial Assets During A Divorce?

In pretty much every state in the country, a full disclosure of financial assets is a requirement when a couple files for a divorce. This information is utilized to determine how the marital property should be divided through the legal proceedings. If someone is being dishonest about how much money they have or how much property they own, it can mean that the other spouse gets an unfair share of the property they have a legal right to just the same as the party hiding the assets. What should you do if you suspect your soon-to-be-ex is hiding financial assets during your divorce? Here are a few ideas. 

Get your attorney's help to file a motion for documents. 

You can file a legal motion to request certain documents from the person you believe is hiding financial assets. These requested documents can be anything from personal financial statements and bank statements to documents that prove ownership or lack thereof of a certain asset. For example, if you suspect that your spouse is only saying that they sold a piece of property, you can file a motion with the court system to request proof of that transaction. 

Hire an experienced private investigator. 

Private investigators often get a seedy reputation, but the truly professional investigators serve valuable roles in a lot of legal situations, including divorce. If you have the funding to do so, it can be helpful to hire a private investigator who can help you determine if your spouse is being honest about their assets. This professional can pull a lot of proverbial strings and gather information that you may have a hard time getting on your own. For instance, the investigator could inconspicuously follow your spouse to find out if they are still visiting a certain bank or financial establishment. 

File a subpoena for third-party documentation of assets. 

In the event that you file a motion for documents to be provided by your spouse and they do not do so, you can also subpoena documents from third-parties. For example, if you suspect that your spouse is hiding money in an out-of-state bank account, you can actually use the power of the legal system to request verification of that account from the actual bank if your spouse is not being forthcoming. Even though this measure can mean your divorce takes longer to finalize, it can be well worth it if there is a significant amount of money being hidden. 

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