Is 50/50 Custody Best For Your Child?

Going through a divorce when you have a child is one of the most difficult things you can endure. Of course, divorce is also very difficult for the children involved. It is important that you do the thing that is best for your child in this case. But how do you know what that is?

Many people consider 50/50 custody for their children, hoping that the equal split will allow the child to see both parents equally. Is this the best thing for your child? This guide will help you understand what you should know about custody.

Be Realistic About Time Constraints

Now is time to think about how much time you and your ex really have to be there for the children. Is it realistic that you are both available to care for the children for the entirety of your split of the time? It may become a point of contention if one person is not as available as the other.

The remedy here is to consider how much time each of you has to be with the children and if having a complete 50/50 split is actually in the best interest of the children.

Be Realistic About the Child's Needs

It is also important that you are realistic about how much time the children should be in one house versus another. For instance, the children may be able to walk to school from your house, but it is a significant commute from your ex's house. In a case like this, it makes more sense for the children to spend most of their school nights at your home so they can easily get to school, see friends, and attend after-school activities.

Be Realistic About Child Care

Often, one parent simply does more of the child care than the other. For instance, your ex may have a closer bond with the children because he or she cooks for them and helps them with homework while you are at work. In this case, it could make more sense for the children to spend afternoons after school with your ex.

Talk to a Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney can help you through the process of filing for divorce and ensure that you receive the custody of your child that you deserve. Not sure if a divorce attorney can help? Book a consultation today to discuss the matter and ensure that a 50/50 split is right for your family.

Contact a family divorce attorney for more information.

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