Important Reasons to Retain a DUI Lawyer Right After Your Arrest

A conviction of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have serious ramifications on your life. To start, you can lose your job. You can also face serving time in jail or prison and have to pay expensive fines to the city or county.

Instead of taking your chances alone in court, you need to have legal counsel on your side during your case. To get that legal help, you should hire a DUI lawyer immediately after you are arrested on this charge.

1. Reviewing the Field Sobriety Test

Despite many officers being trained to give field sobriety tests, some of them make critical mistakes when administering them to people suspected of being under the influence. The officer who arrested you may have made numerous errors when giving you the field sobriety tests. These mistakes could have skewed the results of the test and led to you being wrongfully arrested.

To ensure that the test was given correctly, your DUI lawyer can review the police report and any footage that the officer took. Your attorney can make sure the test reached the right conclusion and that your arrest was lawful. If he or she suspects serious errors, your attorney can petition the court to drop the charges against you.

2. Testing Your Lab Sample

Your DUI lawyer can also have any blood or urine sample that you gave to the police tested. The law enforcement center may have used its own laboratory to determine your blood alcohol content level. However, your lawyer can make sure that the BAC level is correct and that the lab did not make a mistake when testing the sample. He or she can send the sample to another third-party lab to have it retested.

If the test shows that your BAC is under what the police lab said, it could be grounds to have the charges against you thrown out. Your lawyer may be able to get you out of jail or have your bond dismissed. 

Finally, a DUI lawyer can argue for you if your case goes to court. He or she can ask the judge for the least punishment possible. You may be sentenced to rehab or community service instead of prison.

A DUI lawyer can provide helpful services and answer your questions by reviewing your field sobriety test. Your attorney can also argue for the least punishment possible for you.

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