Convincing Reasons To Use Online Mediation For Your Pending Divorce

Before your divorce can be settled, you and your spouse may need to settle a number of final details. For example, you may need to decide the precise amount of time your minor children should spend with each parent. You also may need to decide what shared marital assets you are both entitled to. 

Deciding these matters alone with your spouse can lead to contention. You can instead have them resolved legally by using online mediation as part of your pending divorce.

Staying Safe at Home

You may not want to venture out into the public for fear of contracting dangerous infections. You especially do not want to bring home these viruses to your children. You also may not be able to survive the infections if you are high-risk because of underlying illnesses.

Instead of putting on a mask and going to the local courthouse to meet with a mediator, you can opt for online mediation. The mediator can meet with you and your spouse from the safety of your respective homes. They can lead you in a virtual session to settle important details needed to finalize your divorce.

At the same time, you can remain in the safety and comfort of your own home. You avoid having to venture out into the public and putting yourself at risk of contracting deadly illnesses.

Legally Finalizing Details

The fact that you are using online mediation does not negate the legality of the mediator's decisions. In fact, they have the same legal authority as a mediator with whom you could meet in-person. Your virtual mediator's input will carry the same legal weight and have the same impact on your divorce case.

This fact can squash any dispute that you or your spouse could have about the legality and finality of your divorce. The judge will weigh the mediator's input with the same gravity as they would if you were to meet with a mediator face-to-face. They will render a fair decision and consider what the virtual mediator recommends regarding your divorce.

Online mediation can provide you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse with a number of benefits. It prevents you from having to go out in public where you could be exposed to deadly illnesses. It carries the same weight and can help you settle important details like child custody and asset division.

For more information, reach out to an online divorce mediation service in your area today.

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