Critical Legal Services That A Skilled Divorce Lawyer Makes Available

When you want to get divorced, you may fail to appreciate at first the complex legal process that can ensue. You may think that it is as simple as filing the paperwork at the courthouse and then waiting for the judge to issue a final decree. 

However, ending your marriage can require more work than you imagine. You can shorten and simplify the legal process by hiring an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you.

Petitioning for Your Last Name Change

If you changed your last name when you got married, you may not want to retain your married name after you get divorced. However, you will keep your married name even after the marriage is dissolved if you do not add a name change request in your case.

When you hire a divorce lawyer, you can have them petition the court to change your last name back to what it was before you got married. The judge can issue in the final decree that your maiden name has been reinstated and that you can legally drop your married last name.

Dividing Marital Assets

When you hire an experienced divorce lawyer for your case, you can also make a formal petition to reclaim marital assets to which you are entitled. You and your spouse may owe a number of assets together. You do not want them to get all of the assets when the divorce is settled.

Instead, you want to make sure the court knows that you legally own some of those assets jointly and that you are entitled to your fair share of them. The court can order the spouse to give you half of any money that you own jointly together. The judge can also order that some jointly held assets be sold and the profits divided equally between you and your spouse.

Finally, your divorce lawyer can file for a protection from abuse order if your spouse is violent toward you and your minor children. They can make sure that you can file for divorce legally and without fearing for your safety or life.

An experienced divorce lawyer can provide critical benefits to you when you want to end your marriage. They can petition to have your last name reinstated. Your attorney can also request the fair division of marital assets and secure protection from abuse orders for you. For more information, contact a local divorce lawyer.

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